Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My child has never played netball before? Can they still participate if they aren’t registered to play netball?

A: Yes. Pivot Netball Academy is an independent entity, and as such there is no requirement to have been registered with a club or association. The most important thing is that your child develop crucial life skills, and netball is a great activity for kids building coordination, gross motor skills, communication, social skills and more.

Q: What clothing, footwear and other items do the children need to bring to class?

A: Children are to wear casual clothing (shirt and shorts or leggings) at each class. As all classes are held in an indoor venue, non marking shoes are to be worn at each class. It is also a great idea to bring along your own netball, so that you can learn drills to practice at home. A drink bottle with fresh water is always a must!

Q: Can we drop off our child at the course and collect them when finished?

A: Yes. Pivot Netball Academy requires all children to be signed in by their accompanying adult, and signed out again at the completion of the session. Parents are more than welcome to stay and watch.

Q: How do I know if my child’s spot is secured in the course?

A: Once you have registered and have made payment for the Pivot Netball Program via the website, you will receive a confirmation email and receipt of payment. Once this is obtained, your child’s place is secured.