Pivot Netball Academy provides quality netball coaching for Junior and Intermediate players and has been developed and operated, since 2012 by Director, Jula Zilic.

Pivot provides a fun educational environment and is for players of all levels and ability. Our coaching philosophies ensure that every child leaves feeling valued, included and having made a new group of friends.

Director and Course Developer

I’ve spent many years pulling the game apart and looking at different ways to develop and improve player proficiency. During this process, building confidence in players, promoting endurance and increasing skill level has always remained our central priority.

Drawing upon my training in Learning Support and special education, developing a program, that was versatile and adaptable for players of all levels and ability remained an important focus.

Our philosophy is to develop and focus fundamentals in netball and enhance technical components in the game. Correcting technical execution in players from a young age, enhances general skills and techniques, to build a strong playing platform for players to develop from.

When players develop poor technical execution, it creates negative habits and hinders personal development in their chosen sport. The younger corrections are made, the easier it is to address and correct. Pivot Netball Academy identify areas needing development, as opposed to simply going through the motions of a drill and falsely making the drill look good.

The Pivot Netball Academy Training Programs start technically correcting from the simple fundamentals, to executing specific skill related drills that incorporate footwork, spatial awareness, timing, full court defence, agility and landing techniques. The program is very exciting, very unique and most importantly, lots of fun.